Why has posting to Instagram via the REST API for Instagram Business Profiles been disabled?



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    Whitney C.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused! Unfortunately posting to Business Profiles are not supported through our REST API. Only Instagram Personal Profiles are supported at this time. 

    I've added your requests to an internal feature request, however, cannot provide any ETAs on whether this is something that will be supported in the future. 

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    Tim Carr

    +1 to this - we're experiencing the exact same issue.

    As the developer for customer facing products that work with both Buffer and Hootsuite, Buffer doesn't have these problems - at the time of writing, we're still able to use Buffer's API to post to Business Instagram Profiles.

    Therefore, this can only be an internal decision by Hootsuite, which is baffling.

    Unless this functionality is restored via the REST API, we will be recommending that our customers switch away from Hootsuite to Buffer.

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    Michael Gurley



    Yes, I was asking WHY this was done?  This might help customers evaluate how likely it is this feature will ever be implemented.  And also provide insight into what kind of services Hootsuite is interested in providing.  UI tools or app integration services or both? Is this a technical constraint imposed on Hootsuite by Facebook or a strategic decision by Hootsuite to not focus on providing API access?


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    Whitney C.

    Hi Michael,

    I've provided as much information as I am able to in this particular regard, based on our teams agreements with our Partners. However, I can confirm that we'll monitor demand for this feature, and look into the feasibility of supporting this request in the future!


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